Best Window Cleaning Tools


Stubborn grime and dirt can leave your windows cloudy with streaks. If your in-laws are coming over, the last thing you want is for them to judge you on your slovenly ways. To that end, you’ll need to get your windows whipped up to shape, fast. Here’s 10 of the best window cleaning tools you can count on to take your window cleaning efforts from bad to great:

  1. Window cleaner spray. The right cleaning solution is crucial as well. Look for a window cleaner spray like the Full Sparkle Window and All-Purpose cleaner from reputable suppliers such Fuller. That way, you can explore a variety of options and choices to suit your needs and budget.
  2. Wiper blade squeegee. This tool makes it easy to pull off streak-free cleaning results. Once you give this tool a try, you won’t ever want to go back to a pile of newspapers and a spray bottle of cleaning solution.
  3. Lint-free cotton rag. This will come in handy when it’s time for you to scrub the glass. You’ll need to be able to reach all the angles and wipe away at all the edges as well. Don’t forget to cover every inch of the glass. Move the squeegee horizontally across the glass, though vertical strokes will cut it as well, says the Family Handyman. Shine Bright microfiber cloths can also work well for these.
  4. Steel wool or powder. In some cases, you might encounter stubborn spots and stains that your choice of window cleaner spray can’t eliminate. You could use powder that contains oxalic acid and mix that into a paste. Dip a towel into the mixture and use that to rub away at the stains, says This Old House.
  5. Starter kits. If you haven’t got anything in your cleaning closet in terms of supplies, you might want to go for a starter kit. That should help you get most, if not all, of what you need in one go.
  6. Long handled mops. Don’t want to use a ladder? No worries. Mops with long handles can easily reach those high windows. Just add a dash of water to get rid of the dirt and you’re good to go.
  7. Vacuum window cleaner. Go for something lightweight so it’s not a hassle to use. Some come with great warranty terms so shop around.
  8. Polishing cloth. Dealing with grease and other stubborn stains that water alone can’t get? Use a polishing cloth instead.
  9. Steam cleaner. This is a dual-purpose tool to add to your cleaning supplies and tools. You can use it for your windows as well as for your floors and upholstery. That’s killing two to three birds with one stone.
  10. Wiper blade squeegee. There’s no end to the types of squeegees you can buy and use out there. Explore the many options and styles so you can find which one provides you with the best fit and results.

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