With the increasingly rising inflation and crunching wage scale, it is practically impossible to invest a lot of time and money in home furnishing and renovation. But, don’t get disheartened, because there are many creative ways to give your living room a new look without spending too much time or money.

Furniture is the main attraction of a living room

Before doing any creativity with furniture, first consider what type of furniture you already have in your living room. Generally, chairs and sofas are of either leather covering or PVC. If your sofas and chairs have started to sag then providing support with a wooden base can lift them up. Similarly for flat sofas, you can revive their look by filling them with more cushion fillings and fibre. This is the most economical way to maintain your furniture.

Put Your Old Pillows to Good Use

A smart technique for filling cushions is to make use of your old pillows. Tear up the pillow and use the inside fillings in your furniture. Otherwise, you can also buy some cheap pillows and use their fillings in your furniture. This is also a safe option, because pillows are designed with fire safety kept in mind. Another useful idea to give life to your furniture with a new look is by changing the covers. Getting a new cover for your furniture can completely modify the look of your living room. Covers for sofas and cushion are easily available in shops in different sizes and colours. If you want to save a little more money, then you can also just buy the fabric and stitch it together yourself, if you know how to sew. Drape the fabric neatly and proportionately to give it a nice finish.

Improving Wooden Furniture Can be a Little Tricky

Solid woods become dented and scratched over a period of time. With the help of wood corrector and wood fillers, you can make it look a little bit better and newer. If the colour of the wooden furniture itself is bothering you, then you can just purchase some paint with glossy finish and complement the colour scheme to give your furniture a different look and feel. It might sound a little shocking and crazy, but even boot polish can be used to change the colour. At least for touch ups it works greatly. If your furniture has reached a condition where nothing can be done and they need to be reaplced, then Nabru Sofas are the best option to get some affordable furniture for your living room. They don’t eat up too much space and can be a great addition to any room, be it a tiny or a very spacious one.

Transform Your Room with Curtains

By changing the curtains, you can actually make a huge difference to the way your living room looks. If possible, try to match it with the fabric you have used in your cushion covers. It provides a very classic outlook to the whole area. Similarly, you can make small changes in your lampshades cover, picture frames, and wall arts in your living room to redecorate it in a nice way. These small changes don’t cost much but will create a great difference to the whole appearance of your living room. For instance, just by changing the colour of wall paint you can actually redefine your whole living room.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, these creative ideas will help you get a new look for your living room within your budget. Let the financial crunch not affect your lifestyle and interests. You would certainly want to keep your home up to the mark and nothing should stop you from doing this. Use your creativity and resources to get the best results.


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