Interior Design Tips for an Art Deco Bedroom


Ah, the Roaring 20’s. Aside from smooth Jazz music, finger waves, Duke Ellington, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and cloche hat-donning flappers, this iconic era has also given birth to a design style that evokes opulence, glamour, and vintage elegance: Art Deco.  

Shortened from the French term Arts Décoratifs, Art Deco was and still is one of the most influential styles to date. It is expressed through bold colours, sweeping geometric patterns, and visual drama. This style evokes traditional luxury—think of Great Gatsby-esque motifs. 

If you have read the book or seen the movie adaptation, it is safe to say that Art Deco is the antithesis of modest interior design. It sports a look that’s strong, posh, and modern, yet still functional. If you want to tap into your inner Daisy Buchanan or you want to infuse your home with eclectic glamour and the best interior design in Singapore, Arts Décoratifs won’t disappoint. 

The ideal place in your home to experiment with Art Deco is the bedroom since this is your personal space. One of the awesome things about this style is that you can go for a full-on Art Deco interior or incorporate Art Deco elements and statement pieces that you can add in light or heavy doses, depending on your lifestyle and taste, but still achieve the desired theme.  

Here are some design tips from the companies that offer the best interior design in Singapore to spruce up our bedroom and give it an updated Art Deco look:

Colors and Prints

Plaids and tropical florals look out of place in an Art deco room. Go for animal prints and geometric patterns instead. Also, keep in mind that with this design, bolder is better. Think deep and bright yellows, greens, reds, blues, purples, pinks, and even blacks, matched with softer beiges and creams to offset the boldness of the solid hues. Silver, gold, and metallic finishes likewise give off a Gatsby-vibe, which epitomizes the core of Arts Décoratifs.


Solid-colored or geometric-printed fabrics are one of the most used materials in a modern Art Deco interior theme. Your soft furnishings should be bold; you can go for a bright block-colored sofa, accessorized with dark-colored faux fur or velvety throw cushions in geometric prints, or vice versa.

Black and gold patterns are also a stunning option for your soft furnishings. Choose posh curtains in a gold-bronze silk blend to frame your windows or drape you canopy and add a touch of glamour to your room.

Furniture and  Fixtures

The 1920’s era is all about opulence, and nothing says rich more than an ornate headboard, exotic zebrawood, and materials with decadent and high-shine finishes, as well as chrome and mirrored lamps. 

Art Deco-inspired furniture also tend to be large–literally. Go big or go home, indeed. Choose big pieces, like generously-sized curvaceous armchairs and a giant Anglepoise lamp.


Black and white tiles, linoleum with geometric or animal prints, or polished parquet flooring are common in an art deco style. However, if you do not have the option to change your flooring, you can still Art Deco-fy your floor by putting large rugs in geometric or animal patterns on it.  

Accessories and Fittings

Accessories and vintage fittings make a huge impact on the overall theme your room is trying to convey. Baroque bronze door handles and vintage sculpture art could be expensive and hard to find, but don’t worry; there are a lot of replicas and reproductions in the market that fit your budget. 

Ornate mirrors are inexpensive Art Deco essentials and a great way to make your bedroom look bigger and more polished even, so maximize your design with an oxidized gold or silver-framed classy mirror for the finishing touch. 

By incorporating these ideas into your bedroom décor, you can definitely achieve a modernist take and add your own personal flair on this classic style. 

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