Why are Scandinavian Interiors Trending These Days?


Scandinavian interiors have been trending since the past decade, mainly because of their high regard for space and functionality. Unlike other design trends, Scandi, as it is called, promotes a different approach towards home and office interiors. Many would attach the trend with the bigger minimalist movement, but the Scandi style has more to offer than sparse, colourless spaces. If you happen to look for the recommendations on the best interior design in Singapore, a lot of experts would tell you to go Scandi.

But why are Scandinavian interiors selling like hotcakes? Here are some reasons you will get from companies that offer the best interior design in Singapore:

Scandi interiors do more than just celebrate space.

If you happen to be going through Scandinavian interior design ideas, you may notice that there are spaces that are left open and untouched. This is done so not only to celebrate open spaces, but to give them texture and layers. When you look at the space, you don’t necessarily feel alone or underwhelmed; rather, you are able to feel the warmth that the space provides.

Scandinavian interiors teach us to appreciate the freedom of space, and that there’s no void created despite the minimalist approach in renovating and decorating the home.

Scandi interior designs teach us to clean up.

Since they value open spaces, Scandinavian interiors also compel us to tidy up our homes in order to maintain the design’s aesthetic value. We are thus taught the value of caring for spaces, and we can only do this by cleaning up regularly, and learning how to dispose of items that no longer have use in the house. Yes, Mari Kondo in a way plays a role in maintaining a Scandi interior, for the more we learn to let go of the things that do not spark us joy, the calmer and happier our wellbeing becomes.

Scandinavian interiors also help create a constantly relaxing ambiance.

The home is the place where you should be able to relax and calm down. It is mainly because this is the one place where you can set your worries free after a long and toxic day at work. However, you won’t be able to achieve a sense of serenity if you arrive at a cluttered home, with furniture pieces and colour palettes not offering a cosy and pleasant vibe?

The minimalist take of Scandi interiors are not at all “minimalist,” as despite the façade of open spaces, you will observe that the design provides a sense of detoxification to those who live in it. You are thus able to breathe and stretch in your home, and not feel cramped or consumed by the colours, furniture pieces, accents, and even the way the rooms are partitioned in your home.

It reminds us of the simple joys of life.

Scandinavian interiors may not always be minimalist, but rather simplistic. It makes use of organic materials and inspirations to bring you closer to nature, and these help in giving you an insight towards life’s simple joys.

With such interior design on your home, you are able to move freely and see your home as your refuge from the outside world.


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